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New spring season for 2017

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Although we have not stopped our shows during January and this month, February, it is exciting knowing that the Chamber of Mysteries will soon go into the new spring season from mid March onward but more about March further down. Before that lets talk about mid February.

This year it was quite disappointing that the Valentine’s Special show that usually fills up so quickly could not be organised. Last year two shows were put on in order to accommodate the requests. There could have been three shows if time could have permitted this.  However this year, Brian & Lola are committed to an engagement they have had booked way in advance a couple of years ago. Still during the show scheduled on the 15th of February they may spice up things with a little more love!

Moving on to March, which is just around the corner, the month that brings along longer, drier and warmer days. The smell of summer is in the air and Malta being what it is, an Island in the Mediterranean, surrounded by some of the cleanest and loveliest seas will start seeing its beaches full with those sun loving / absorbing bathers who then want a great night out to complete their day and their holiday.

So if you plan to come visit the Chamber of Mysteries, make sure to not leave it too late. Being such a small theatre it is wise to plan ahead and book way in advance. Last year we turned down quite a few people, several times throughout the year, simply because we were full most of the shows. Due to other commitments, it was not always possible to open up another show night. We only had few possibilities to do that last year and this year looks like another busy year ahead, perhaps even busier than last.

Everyone here looks forward to seeing you at the Chamber of Mysteries, and happy to make it a night you won’t easily forget.

Thank you to all those who came last year, especially those many repeat visitors. If it was your first visit, then let’s hope to see you again anytime you feel the need of visiting Malta.



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