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A Venue Built by The Knights In The Heart Of Malta

The Chamber Of Mysteries hides within the walls of 1743 Razzett l-Antik. The building, built by the Knights of Malta and once serving as a milling station, now serves as a traditional Maltese restaurant. It still boasts most of its original features. It is inside this building that one can find The Chamber of Mysteries if they know where to find it!

Hidden In Plain Sight

Caution! You will not see any signs leading to the Chamber of Mysteries on your way to the venue. However, you will find the entrance hidden in plain sight, on the road, Triq il-Wied, in the medieval baker’s village of Qormi (once known as Casal Curmi).

Today the venue hides the only attraction of its type, the only Theatre of Magic in Malta. People say wizards of the past secretly met in this building, during times of the Inquisition, to discuss magic. Thick medieval walls exclude the secrets we uncover from the outside world. These are exclusively for those enjoying the Chamber of Mysteries show.

Built By The Knights of Malta

A building over 400 years old, built by the Knights of Malta as a milling factory, to grind grain to flour for their daily bread.
Now it is a popular restaurant among locals in Malta s
erving cuisine in a traditional Maltese manner

Traditional Maltese Venue byuilt by the Knights of Malta
Dinner and Show Malta

The restaurant dedicates most of its cooking to Maltese food and culinary heritage. And it is here where you will eat, prior to us leading you to the hidden chamber for the award-winning show. Specialising in traditional farmhouse cooking, the restaurant promotes a style of service in touch with Maltese traditions. An ideal venue to relax and appreciate traditional Maltese hospitality and culinary delights with a rustic family-style service. 

For the very first time in centuries, we open up the Chamber of Mysteries and uncover the secrets for people to discover. Now, it is a comfortable intimate theatre, offering perfect views, of the show, from any seat.

Chamber of Mysteries Dinner Show Malta

The Only Theatre Of Magic In Malta!

Expect an extraordinary ambient, full of wonder, danger, illusion, and mind-reading feats that defy explanation. A perfect combination for those seeking something different. No wonder The Chamber of Mysteries Show is one of the highest rating things to do on TripAdvisor.

If you are seeking the thrill of a mystifying and entertaining night out in Malta, then look no further. Furthermore, ‘The Chamber Of Mysteries’ not only promises something different but delivers an exclusively unique experience. We will create that unforgettable experience of Magic in Malta allowing you to become part of it with us.

Come experience ‘Malta’s Most Amazing Night Out’ in a building built by the Knights of Malta!
TripAdvisor review ★★★★★ “Its Magic”