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July, TripAdvisor & More

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July: Busy summer months ahead, July approaching and the Chamber will start rolling. Be sure to book early, last year we dissapointed so many people who left it till last. Book Now

TripAdvisor: As for our recent TripAdvisor Certificate Of Excellence award for 2015, well we received that about a week ago but it still needs to be framed so for now it rests among the others. If you watched the show don’t forget to review us on TripAdvisor

You can check out some of the latest reviews here:

More: We’ve had visitors from all over the world. That’s great because we have learned so much from all our great guests and have made so many friends during our time at the Chamber of Mysteries. All those who have made timeto visit us know, the real secrets of The Chamber of Mysteries as are disclosed towards the end of the show. By the way, what happens in our theatre of magic remains there 🙂

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