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The Great Return Of The Chamber of Mysteries Show

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Chamber of Mysteries Dinner and Show

Hooray… The Chamber of Mysteries Show is back and stronger than ever before!

Since the first show back in August 2011, The Chamber of Mysteries never closed its doors for more than 2 months in a row. We are well known for providing performances on a weekly basis all year round. We do not remember a time where the show paused for more than two months in a row. The only time that the show was put on hold for a period of two months or less was when Brian and Lola were performing abroad.

Corona Virus; A Pause On Normality – A Pause To Our On-Going Shows

Come March 2020 and a stupid virus forced us to pause our ongoing performances for 5 months. 5 months patiently looking forward to the day to announce the following news. 5 months we abiding by the regulations, keeping socially distant, hand rub galore. All this to ensure that Lola and Brian are well and safe ready to spring into action. And ready they are to go ahead with their live weekly performances at the Chamber of Mysteries.

How We Spent The Extra Time

In the meantime, we made sure not to let the virus demoralize us. With energy and extra time on our hands to prepare new amazing acts was there available for us to use when reopening the show. Now the moment is here and we are happy to be able to introduce these new things when we reopen.

The Reopening of The Chamber of Mysteries Show In Malta

 During the past months, we received many emails asking us if and when we are reopening. Well, the time has come, and we are happy to announce the reopening of The Chamber of Mysteries show this coming August and we have a date!

The Date Is

Our first show post the Coronavirus lockdowns in Malta will be on the 6th of August 2020 ! We will mark this date on our diary as the day that magic in Malta continues to live on. Even more than that is the fact that the reopening cannot come at a more perfect time!  This is because during the weeks that follow we will be celebrating our 9th year anniversary with a special show. We will announce the dates of this show here and on our Facebook Page.

Thank You

If Coronavirus did just one thing good for us it was that it showed us how much our show is appreciated by those who have visited us before. Now it is our time to say thank you to all those who sent us many messages of encouragement, all those who sent us gifts as well as those who shared their concern with us both publically and in private.

Little Things

In order to reopen we have to follow any current regulations and guidelines set by the authorities in Malta. However this is a small price to pay to be able to enjoy sharing the fun of our magic with you in a safe and convenient manner. We aim to have you enjoy a nice time whilst preserving the health and safety of our guests, the staff and of course that of Brian and Lola.


So please, if you are visiting Malta and really want to see the show then BOOK THE SHOW now. Seating is and availability is even less now even more than before due to the measures in place. To follow the regulations, we have even less seating available on a first come first served basis!

Chamber of Mysteries Show Malta - Amazing Night Out!


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