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Bookings Open For May & June 2022

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New dates for May and June 2022 shows, at the Chamber of Mysteries, are now published. You may place your bookings and get your show tickets through our online booking system.

Apart from that, we welcome the news from the authorities in Malta today regarding more relaxation of Covid-19 rules as of May 2nd 2022. From the 2nd of May 2022, visitors will no longer be obliged by the authorities to wear facemasks inside buildings and almost all restrictions will be removed!  We look forward to seeing those smiling faces and amazing expressions again!

Update May 2nd, 2022

Now that all restrictions have been removed, we welcome seeing fully unmasked smiling faces again. However, those who wish to keep a mask on during the show can do so should they prefer to. Patrons can once again bring up beverages for consumption in the theatre itself as it was pre-Covid.

Check Out The Current Scheduled Dates* For May And June Here
*more dates may be added as required

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