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Chamber of Mysteries Dinner and Show Specials

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Special Shows At The Chamber of Mysteries Dinner

We are at the peak of the summer season and soon moving on to our winter schedule. Whilst this summer in Malta is proving to be a hot one, audiences at the Chamber of Mysteries Dinner and Show remain great. Their participation makes the whole experience for Brian and Lola an excellent one.

We are now in the process of planning our schedule for the coming winter months for the Chamber of Mysteries Dinner and Show. We have decided to add in an extra special show alongside the usual special themed shows.

To keep up with our tradition, two of these specials will be themed to Halloween and Christmas respectfully as we do each year. Each year these shows sell out fast and we expect the trend to be the same this year. Tickets and booking are not yet open for any of these shows. We will announce it first here, then on our FB page. Have you followed our Facebook Page yet?

Apart from that we are planning a very special weekend of shows , exclusively showing ‘THE MIND SHOW’ at the Chamber of Mysteries. For more information about the mind show visit the following link THE MIND SHOW – WWW.MAGICIANMALTA.COM.MT .

The Mind Show Brian Role

We will release more info about ‘The Mind Show’ and the forthcoming schedule very soon.

In the meantime we thank all those who visited us during the past first 8 months of this year. We look forward to all those visiting us in the next and last 4 months before moving on to 2020. You may book any of our shows at our online booking system.


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