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Chamber of Mysteries earns Merlin Award 2017 for Best Magic Dinner Show

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Chamber of Mysteries Merlin Award - Best Magic Show Malta

Magician Brian Role` and Lola Palmer receive the prestigious “Merlin Award”. This is the highest international award for the Best Magic. It is a great accomplishment for their show at the Chamber of Mysteries.

Tony Hassini presents Brian Role' and Lola Palmer the Merlin Award 2017 for The Best Magic Dinner Show at Casino Malta.World President of the IMS, Tony Hassini presents Brian Role’ and Lola Palmer the Merlin Award 2017 for The Best Magic Dinner Show at Casino Malta.

Brian Role` and Lola Palmer were awarded with the “Merlin Award 2017″ for the “Best Magic Dinner Show”. The award is the most prestigious award in magic and is exclusively awarded by the International Magicians Society ( IMS). The world president, chairman and CEO of the IMS, Mr. Tony Hassini flew in from the USA specifically for this occasion and presented the award during a live event that was held at Casino Malta in St Julian’s. The Merlin Award is to the magic industry equivalent to an Oscar. It is the highest honor bestowed, to international magicians and illusionists, by the magic community. The award bases itself on talent, showmanship, originality, skills, and the ability to entertain under any conditions. Previous recipients include the likes of David Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy, Penn & Teller, and Criss Angel among other famous magicians.

“I am proud to honor and recognize Brian Role’ and Lola Palmer for their extraordinary contributions to the magic community with their magic dinner show the Chamber of Mysteries,” commented Tony Hassini. “Their interactive, engaging style and amazing feats of magic have won them the respect and admiration of their peers and families all over the world and I am sure that this is only the start of much much more recognition and success in the years to follow.”

Brian Role` and Lola Palmer Receive The Merlin Award For Their Magic In Malta

During the acceptance speech, Brian stated “The significance of this prestigious award in magic, is years of hard work and persistence. We are happy that it is being recognised internationally by the largest magic society in the world. Earning the Merlin Award for our dinner show, the Chamber of Mysteries means so much to us. There it is a true honor to receive this most prestigious international recognition”.

Whilst thanking all those who stood by and helped throughout the years, Brian also thanked Mr. Tony Hassini and the IMS for believing in them. He also thanked all the audiences they have performed for. A special mention went towards the main sponsors, Casino Malta and Absolute Ent & Med Ltd, who were significantly essential to make the event possible.

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